The Method

Singing. Why do you do it?

What gets you fired up about it?
You probably love expressing what’s inside. Love, sadness, beauty.
Plus it’s fun!
Singing releases endorphins which brings pleasure and satisfaction. It’s addicting!

Here’s the problem.

Somewhere along the way, our body gets in the way.
We want to punctuate a big moment with a big high note…and instead it’s a big BREAK.

We want our voice to come out full and clear. But instead it’s wispy and thin.

We want to have the flexibility to sing what we want, how we want, when we want.
But our voice won’t cooperate. What we imagine doesn’t always come out our mouth.
Instead, our voice hits the ceiling of our limitations too often. And gets sore too quickly.

We wonder, what secrets do our favourite singers know that we don’t? How do they do it?

Not all voice training is created equal.

You might know what you want, but unfortunately some teachers can’t deliver.

Instead, you get told:

  • you’ll never sing high because you have a low voice
  • you aren’t talented enough so you won’t ‘get it’
  • everything is wrong because you’re breathing is wrong…keep practicing and one day it will happen for you
  • you can’t learn to sing properly unless you study classical

Now sometimes there may be a kernel of truth here.
Lower voices can develop high notes, but it is often more work to train them.
Some people do seem to pick up singing faster than others. But like any skill, anyone can learn to sing better.
Breathing is an important part of singing But it’s only 1/3 of the instrument and the process.
Some classical teachers are excellent and can help you develop a great foundation. But what if you love rock, pop, jazz, R&B?

But the problem is that often these statements are more of an excuse for incomplete teaching.

Here’s what we want for you:

Freedom: sing the songs and styles you love without limitations in dynamics, range or expression

Ease: experience a pain-free, break-free way of singing. Stop losing your voice!

Presence: find your natural voice with a tone that is unique, clear, and resonant

Flexibility: express yourself with style! If you love R&B riffs, gospel slides or jazzy phrasing, your voice should be available and ready to obey your heart.

Our Method

After years of searching for answers to his own singing limitations, Spencer found the techniques that legends like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Justin Timberlake, and Rhianna use.

Here’s how it works:


Are you comfortable in your lower voice, but not high? Or vice versa?
Through targeted exercises, we discover and build up your bottom and top registers.


Blend together your lower and upper ranges into a MIX voice.
This flexible middle range has the power of your lower register with the ease and “float” of your upper.

Find then Refine

A connected voice doesn’t usually sound polished or “radio ready” at first. But then again, nobody is very polished when it comes to a new skill in development.

Learn how to sing through your range smoothly with a full, natural tone. Gain access to vibrato, dynamics, and expressive phrasing.


Bring the same flexibility and ease from your exercises into your songs. Take away the limitations and let your personality shine through!

The IVA Way

Spencer is a Certified Master Teacher and the Director of Education for the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), an organization that offers both exceptional vocal instruction for singers and a certification program for professional singing instructors worldwide.

Spencer along with his fellow Master Teachers at IVA has woven the techniques and practices described above into the IVA Method. Today, thousands of singers in over 26 countries and 5 continents study this method with one of the 250+ IVA Certified Instructors. All our SWVS teachers are certified in the IVA MethodRead More >

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