Regardless of circumstances, private lessons not cancelled or rescheduled a minimum of 48 hours before the start time will be charged at full rate.

Bookings may be officially cancelled via:

  1. Our online booking system
  2. The 24-hour studio voicemail at 604.692.0955


Bookings will be made once payment is received. Accepted payment methods: Visa/MC, e-Transfer, or cash. In the event of a late cancellation or rescheduling (less than 48 hours notice) or a no-show, the prepaid lesson fee will be forfeited.


Lesson fees paid in advance are always redeemable (before their expiry date) but not refundable or transferable. All sales are final. Gift cards must be used at the time of purchase, not retroactively.

Lessons with one instructor may not be transferred or credited toward lessons with another instructor. Hour lesson credits cannot be split into half-hours.

If a prepaid lesson is “early” cancelled before the 48 hour cancellation deadline, a lesson credit will be issued to the client that may be applied to a future booking, so long as it is used up before its expiry date (see below.)


All prepaid lesson credits have a date when they expire:

  • Lesson Series & Individual Lessons: 6 months from purchase**
  • Gift certificates for a Lesson Amount: 1 year from purchase

After the expiration date has passed, any unused lesson credits will be forfeited.

**Unless otherwise specified. Special offers like the 4 Half-hour and Intro to Singing packages expire 50 days from purchase date.

(Gift cards for a dollar amount do not expire.)


If a client prepays for a series of lessons all at once, they can purchase a Lesson Series Package and receive one lesson free. The full amount must be paid upfront and is non-refundable. Partial refunds for unused lesson credits in a package are also not given.

Lesson Series cannot be purchased retroactively, combining past piecemeal payments. The full package amount must be paid before or at the time the first lesson of the package is booked. All the lessons in the series must be used before they expire six months from purchase date. Here are the packages offered by all our instructors:

  • Buy 10 Half-hours, Get 1 Half-hour Free
  • Buy 8 Hours, Get 1 Hour Free

The same prepayment policy applies to the 4 Half-hour and Intro to Singing packages, except they expire 50 days from purchase date. These smaller packages are discounted because they must be used up quickly.


If the teacher needs to cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson may be booked at a time that is mutually convenient.


Prior notice will be given when SWVS is closed due to a holiday or special event. Otherwise, please assume that lessons are scheduled as usual.

If you wish to move or cancel your lesson due to a holiday, please see the 48-Hour Cancellation or Rescheduling Policy.


If you arrive late, your lesson will still end at the scheduled time. This loss of time will not be made up at another time. If you arrive on time but the previous lesson runs late, you will be given your full-allotted time.

Please be on time, but try not to arrive any more than 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson to limit disruption of the previous lesson.


All teaching time ends 4 minutes before the end of the session to allow for turn-around time between clients.


Regular recurring lesson timeslots will repeat every week or every other week on the same day and time until the student asks to discontinue the timeslot. Cancelling one or several lessons means only those lessons are cancelled, and the regular lesson schedule will continue automatically after.

The student is responsible to pay for and attend all lessons not cancelled or rescheduled before the 48-hour deadline.

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