4 SUNDAYS, 7.00-9.00pm

March 4, 11, 18 & 25

Songwriting Instructor



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  • Love to write songs but sense you could go deeper or just write better?
  • Love singing and now you're ready to try your hand at writing your own lyrics?
  • SONGWRITING FUNDAMENTALS I is a group songcraft course that explores the mysteries of great songwriting while helping you delve deep into your own creative potential.

Michael Burt

* Songwriting Fundamentals I is Part 1 of 3 courses. 

Songwriting Fundamentals II & III will be offered later this spring. 

Express yourself.

  • The elements of strong, creative songcraft including poetics, music theory, song structure, narrative viewpoint, and tapping into the subconscious
  • Conceptual songwriting tools and strategies
  • Daily habits and timeline targets to increase your productivity and decrease self-consciousness
  • Aids and tools for writing your own songs

This course is intended as a primer on how to write the best lyrics possible as well as improve every aspect of your songwriting. You will learn:

3 Song Challenge

Timeline targets to help you shed inertia and carry your songs from start to finish.

Songwriting Springboard

Songwriting aids designed to simplify your process and get you writing (more).

Songwriting Assessment

Diagnosis of your skill set, strengths and challenges.



Your instructor Michael is available through the week to answer questions, give feedback, and support you!

Class Audio Recordings

Every class will be recorded for your reference and practice. If you can't make it one week, get the recording!

Who is this for?

SONGWRITING FUNDAMENTALS I combines group discussions with one on one attention. Come prepared to explore songcraft AND get creative! 

We will write songs together, and you will write songs on your own. You will learn by identifying and prioritizing elements within your control.

We ensure personal attention by limiting class enrollment to 6 students max. (A minimum of 5 registrants is required for the course to proceed.)

Dive right in.

SONGWRITING FUNDAMENTALS I is for both Singer/Songwriters who want to grow in their composing, as well as Singers who want to focus on writing lyrics and melodies only. Tools will be customized for each participant.

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver on Seymour @ Smithe. Grab an early dinner at one of the surrounding hip restaurants before class. But don't eat too much – you might need to sing one of your song creations!

This course is composed of 4 two-hour group classes, presented Sunday nights on March 4, 11, 18 & 25.

Spencer Welch Vocal Studio

Yaletown Vancouver BC

Michael has been writing songs since he began studying English at UBC in the mid '80's. After completing his B.A. at UBC he entered the Theatre program at SFU and began performing as a singer/songwriter in Vancouver. 

Shortly thereafter he joined one of Vancouver's top talent agencies and began a brief stage and television acting career. At the same time, he joined the rock band Moist as (the original) lead singer and principal lyricist. Eventually parting ways due to artistic differences he then formed a duo (Gasoline Rainbow) and travelled down the westcoast to California, playing along the way. This was a self-funded and self-managed tour that allowed him to stay in San Francisco where he wrote prolifically and made many memories.

After returning to Vancouver he took an opportunity to relocate to Japan and started a new band (The Northern Road). He lived in Japan for two years playing live every week, self-produced a demo with his band and also self-produced a solo album until, exhausted, he returned to Vancouver.

In 2015, after spending nearly a decade building and operating two high end retail clothing stores, Michael decided to return to his lasting passion of songwriting and entered the VSO School of Jazz to round out his music theory and improve his technical chops. Most recently he has been studying with the illustrious Spencer Welch.

Earlier this year he sold his first song to Benedict Marsh and his band 'Brothers Below' which is due for release on their new album very soon. Michael is also working on a new album that will be released next year.

Your Teacher!

Michael Burt

Class 4 /Mar 25 //Unveiling Form

Class 1 /Mar 4 //Hello, Id

Class 3 /Mar 18 //Ears Today

  • Introductions, assesment and goal setting
  • What makes a good song great?
  • Establishing your foundation
  • Tools and strategies for lyric production
  • Tapping into the subconscious
  • Songwriting aids and 1st songwriting challenge

Agenda for the course.

Class 2 /Mar 11 //Words and Werdz

  • Song share
  • Music theory and contemporary sensibilities
  • Improving chord progressions
  • Stealing without getting caught
  • Songwriting aids and 3rd songwriting challenge
  • Song share
  • Poetics and lyrics
  • Improving melodies
  • Narrative perspectives and identifying audience
  • Further tools and strategies for lyric production
  • Songwriting aids and 2nd songwriting challenge
  • Final song share
  • Deconstructing songs
  • Song structure and storyline
  • Turn, counterturn, stand
  • Developing your songs on your own

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2 x $140

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2nd due Feb 28th

Michael is an edgy song writer, gluing together vivid imagery, journeying melodies and crystallized emotions. Our collaborations over the years have brought the magic out in me and he's an all round wonderful human being. I'm grateful to call him my friend.

Singing Fundamentals Student

I REALLY enjoyed taking Michael's songwriting class. I've never learned so much so quickly! He really made songwriting attainable. I had never completed a song but I always had ideas. He really taught me the tools and gave me a foundation to work with while still showing that there was so much room to do and learn more!

I encourage anyone to take this class, whether you are just learning and fiddling with the idea of songwriting or are a more seasoned songwriter. I feel he will be able to challenge you & bring out your best!

Benedict Marsh

Ko Nakamura


Michael's love for songwriting and his ability to impart those skills seeped into my soul right away. Through active listening and providing feedback every step of the way, he nurtures one's desire to create. It is a privilege to be his student and a joy to know him.

About Michael.

Levi Wright

Cathy Flores

The songwriting course run by Michael is an amazing class if you are interested in how to write your own songs. Before taking the course, I had no idea how to put together a song. I play piano and guitar so I know the fundamentals about chords and melodies but never knew the actual steps to finish a song. You do not need to be able to play instruments to take this class. Michael teaches you the basic music theory, and he prepares a simple track for you to write your own melodies and lyrics to. The information and experience you will get out of this class are tremendous. It's a must-take class if you are a songwriter.

Singing Fundamentals Student

Singing Fundamentals Student

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(A minimum of 5 registrants necessary for the course to proceed.)

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