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SWVS is located Downtown Vancouver, Canada on Seymour between Nelson and Smithe. Because lessons are by appointment, the exact address will be automatically emailed to you when you book your first lesson. To see a map of our location Click Here 
SWVS is open seven days a week. To see the availabilities of our instructors and to book lessons Click Here 
In order to keep a written record, we do all bookings via the Online Scheduler or through email. So email is the preferred way to contact us. If you have a question that we didn’t answer in this FAQ, we’d be happy to help you over email or the phone (if you’re old school.) Contact Us Here.
All you need to bring to your first lesson is something to record the lesson with (an iPhone or digital recorder OR a blank SD card for our digital recorder.) If you are already performing, you could also bring any of the following: audio files with the songs you’re singing, karaoke tracks, sheet music, lyric sheets, recordings of past projects. We have an acoustic guitar and keyboard at the studio.
If you are trying to develop good singing technique, frequent weekly lessons are better. Some artists preparing for tours will come in 2 or 3 times a week. For most people weekly lessons are ideal, but biweekly are ok too. If you’re choosing between weekly half-hour lessons or biweekly hour lessons, go with the weekly half-hour lessons. You can eventually progress to hour-long lessons (with more application to songs) as your singing abilities improve.
Yes, you’re welcome to book casual “tune-up” lessons as needed. There is no commitment to book a regular time slot, unless you want one.
Skype lessons are very similar to in-person lessons at our Vancouver studios. All you need is a computer or tablet, high-speed internet, a webcam, and the Skype software (free download) to connect to us and begin studying online. In a Skype video call, you can see and hear your instructor, and vice versa. Your teacher will treat you as if you are there in-person, playing exercises on the piano for you to sing along to in real time. The only real difference is that when it comes to singing songs, you will need to play and sing along to a copy of the music on your end. There is sometimes a very slight delay in videoconferencing, so it’s best to sing along to your own tracks. To learn more about Skype lessons Click Here 
Yes, we love teaching beginners because they haven’t developed any bad habits yet. Most beginners should consider studying with an associate instructor since it might be overkill to study with Spencer.
This is one of those questions that can’t be answered definitively. It depends: on your past experience with singing, on how many good or bad habits you’ve accumulated over the years, and on how hard you’re willing to work and practice to improve. World-class singers have a combination of strong genetics, natural talent, and healthy training. But since singing is a skill, anyone can learn how to sing better if they’re willing to work at it.
Yes, our youngest student is six years old, and we have many teens studying with us. As soon as a child has the attention span to handle a 30-min lesson, they can start taking lessons. And don’t worry, we make it fun and interactive!
Unfortunately our instructors schedules are so full that they aren’t able to carve out extra time to meet with you in advance. When you book your first lesson that will be the appropriate time for you to discuss your concerns and vocal goals with your instructor. We want to take the time in that first lesson to give you a full assessment of your voice and give you the tools to move forward. For an example of a sample lesson Click Here
We don’t teach one specific musical style or genre of singing, but our clientele reflects almost every style out there. We are mostly concerned with teaching good vocal technique so that you can sing what you want to sing, just better. We can offer stylistic advice to improve your performance of a song. Between Spencer and his associates, they have experience performing rock, pop, RnB, jazz, and musical theatre.
Yes, we teach actors, voice-over clients, and radio/TV personalities. We use similar vocal technique exercises with them, but the application is to speaking rather than singing.

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