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Singing High Notes

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by Spencer Welch I was desperate. Only 12 years old, singing a solo in church choir rehearsal, and then it happened. My voice started to change! Until this turn of events, I had enjoyed a long illustrious (two-year) career with my boy soprano voice. I even got to play Francis Scott Key in my elementary school’s July 4th musical, quite a feat for …

SpencerSinging High Notes
Funny Sounding Scales

Why Do I Sing All These Funny Sounding Scales?

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by Ko Nakamura If you have taken a voice lesson with an IVA certified teacher, you might have sung some funny sounding scales before singing an actual song. There are many reasons why we assign these exercises to our students. For an inside look at the secrets of singing only voice teachers know, keep reading. VOCALISES In your first voice lesson, we …

SpencerWhy Do I Sing All These Funny Sounding Scales?
3 Myths3

3 Myths about Singing

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by Spencer Welch If you’ve spent any time in a choir, garage band, or church worship team, you’ve probably had a run-in. They look good. They sound true. They strut around rehearsal rooms, daring you to throw the first punch. They are myths and half-truths. And vocal technique is where they go to retire. So in the interest of clearing the air, I’m …

Spencer3 Myths about Singing

Good Teaching is about DO, not DON’T

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by Spencer Welch Another week, another student with a horror story: “My last singing teacher would get angry at me when I couldn’t sing the high notes. He was always criticizing: ‘You’re nasal! You’re flat!’ I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I didn’t know how to fix it. And I didn’t know when the next scolding was coming. So now, …

SpencerGood Teaching is about DO, not DON’T
Can Anyone Sing vs2

How Many Voice Lessons Do I Need to Become a Good Singer?

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by Koichi Nakamura INTRO One of the most frequently asked questions from my students during voice lessons is: “How many voice lessons do I need to become a good singer?” This is one of the hardest questions to answer since it really depends on who you are, what your singing goals are, and how much practice you are willing to …

SpencerHow Many Voice Lessons Do I Need to Become a Good Singer?
Got Whistle Tone?

Got Whistle Tones?

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So proud of our student Norma Antonia Zervos! She’s always been a powerhouse singer, but never had a whistle register. Spencer introduced her to whistle tones two months ago, and now she’s riffing with them! SHOW OFF!! Check out her video below:

SpencerGot Whistle Tones?
Can Anyone Sing Insta

Can Anyone Learn How to Sing?

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by Spencer Welch The first time I hear the voice of a new student is often through my studio intercom. I’ll never forget the day Rick* buzzed up for his first voice lesson. “Hello?” I answered. Through the intercom, a tortured nasal voice hissed, “Hi, I’m here for my singing lesson.” Oh boy! I quickly mustered every ounce of teacher-ness …

SpencerCan Anyone Learn How to Sing?

How Should I Practice Singing?

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by Koichi Nakamura I took one of my good friends snowboarding for his first time last week. I’ve been snowboarding from age 16, so I had completely forgotten how hard it is for first-timers even to stand up on the board or skate on one leg. After practicing over and over all day, my friend finally was able to slide …

SpencerHow Should I Practice Singing?
How to Choose a Voice Teacher

How to Choose a Voice Teacher

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Choosing the right voice teacher can have a huge impact on your vocal development positive OR negative. Pick a good one, and your voice will bloom! Pick a not so good one, and not only will your growth suffer, but you could get worse! In this vlog, SWVS associate Rebecca Lam shares some valuable advice to help you choose a …

SpencerHow to Choose a Voice Teacher
Like Adele?-2

Can I Sing Like Adele?

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(…and should I even try?) by Spencer Welch She has joined the firmament of one-name icons: Prince, Bono, Madonna, Sting, Adele. If you don’t recognize that last one, you’ve been hostage to Cappadocian monks for the last five years. Adele has taken the world by storm with four number-one singles, three multi-platinum albums, and sold-out shows wherever she goes. She …

SpencerCan I Sing Like Adele?