Sharp Magazine interviews Spencer: How to Suck Less at Karaoke

“Nothing can win you quite as much glory — or hurl you to the depths of shame — as karaoke night. It’s the everyman’s chance to grasp a fleeting taste of rock stardom. A crack in the voice means a crack in your pride, a sharp note cuts worse than any knife. So, yeah, it’s important to be prepared. For that, we turned to Vancouver vocal coach Spencer Welch for advice on how to own any stage…

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The Province interview with Spencer

Stuart Derdeyn talks vocal technique and performance with Spencer on The Province’s Scene & Heard podcast.

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Spencer’s 10 Habits of Good Singers featured on

“What do Beyonce, Adam Lambert, and Stevie Wonder all have in common? They are constantly working on their voice. They never take it for granted. With the rigours of international touring, how do they maintain and even improve their singing? …

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Promotional video for The MIX Vancouver, Presented by SWVS

For almost 7 years, SWVS proudly presented an industry schmooze and networking party with live performances, first called Tuesday Night Music Club and later The MIX. On the last Tuesday night of every month, several talented artists performed throughout the evening while top industry professionals hung out in the crowd. Guests included K-os, Chin (Fifty Cent, Eminem, R Kelly), Adam H (Elise Estrada, Loverboy) and Dave Pickell (Bryan Adams, Loverboy, Lara Fabian.)

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