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Be a Karaoke Olympian: the Sharp Magazine Q&A, Pt I

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The men’s publication Sharp Magazine interviewed Spencer to get the skinny on how to up your karaoke game. Here’s the Q&A that the article We Asked a Vocal Coach to How to Suck Less at Karaoke by Grady Mitchell is based on:   Grady Mitchell: I’m a novice. How should I be warming up for my debut performance? Is there something I should eat/drink beforehand to …

SpencerBe a Karaoke Olympian: the Sharp Magazine Q&A, Pt I
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Try a lesson for 40% off!

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Interested in singing lessons at the Spencer Welch Vocal Studio but not quite ready to commit? Take an introductory  20-minute “taster” lesson with our certified instructor Ko Nakamura for only $15! That’s over 40% off! Read more and book today!

SpencerTry a lesson for 40% off!
How Long Practice Blog

How Long and Often Should I Practice Singing?

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by Spencer Welch If I don’t practice one day, I know it. Two days, the critics know it. Three days, the public knows it. This is one of those pithy quotes that probably everyone has heard at some point, but no one seems to know who said it. But is it true? Is a daily regime imperative when it comes to …

SpencerHow Long and Often Should I Practice Singing?

Holiday Gift Cards Are Here!

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Singing Lesson Gift Cards are here for the Holidays! Forget about giving another ugly tie! Watch them do the happy dance when you buy them singing lessons. Buy your Holiday gift cards online now! Print off beautifully designed cards to give to your loved ones in-person. Or EMAIL the gift cards to them for an on-time delivery. They will love your thoughtfulness. And remember, these gift …

SpencerHoliday Gift Cards Are Here!
Singing Develops Blog

Singing Develops More Than Your Voice

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by Tasleem Laila You know that old saying, “She must LOVE  the sound of her own voice”? There may actually be something to that. I seem to be talking a lot more lately. Over the phone, in face to face conversations, in small social groups, or even feeling more comfortable asking questions in larger public settings. One of my favorite things to do …

SpencerSinging Develops More Than Your Voice
Voice Back Blog

How To Bring Back Your Voice After Illness

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by Spencer Welch It’s the most (ok, second most) wonderful time of the year! Tulips unfurling to flirt with the sun. Cherry trees flaunting their coats of candy pink blossoms. The world buzzing with possibility and life… And the temperature taking wider and wilder swings than Tyson on an earlobe prowl. Not to mention the Who’s Who of microbial minions masterminding their next invasion …

SpencerHow To Bring Back Your Voice After Illness

Singing, Salve for the Soul

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by Spencer Welch The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them. –Henry David Thoreau Lately in the wee hours, the brush of tears across my cheek wakes me from dreams. Life is always there, silently pressing against us. Some days, I can laugh in its face. But there are …

SpencerSinging, Salve for the Soul
How I Learn A Song Blog

How I Learn A New Song

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by Tasleem Laila Tasleem is a dedicated veteran student at SWVS. We are elated to present the other side of the voice training process: from the student’s perspective. “How do YOU go about learning a new song?” A friend asked me this the other day.  Though everyone’s approach may be different, these are the 8 key points that stood out to me …

SpencerHow I Learn A New Song
What is Chest Voice?

What is Chest Voice, Head Voice, and Mix?

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by Koichi Nakamura In the world of singing, there are many terms which can be vague and not easily understood.  Chest Voice, Head Voice, and Mix are some of the “buzz words” that frequently come up during voice lessons but are usually not explained sufficiently. Let’s talk about what are these “voices” are and what part they might play in your singing. Chest …

SpencerWhat is Chest Voice, Head Voice, and Mix?
Riffs & Runs

Riffs & Runs Group Class

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Learn how to sing riffs like Beyonce and Tori Kelly in this 4-week group class with Rebecca. Hurry, only ONE spot left! Read More HERE.

SpencerRiffs & Runs Group Class