How Should I Practice Singing?

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by Koichi Nakamura I took one of my good friends snowboarding for his first time last week. I’ve been snowboarding from age 16, so I had completely forgotten how hard it is for first-timers even to stand up on the board or skate on one leg. After practicing over and over all day, my friend finally was able to slide …

SpencerHow Should I Practice Singing?
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Can I Sing Like Adele?

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(…and should I even try?) by Spencer Welch She has joined the firmament of one-name icons: Prince, Bono, Madonna, Sting, Adele. If you don’t recognize that last one, you’ve been hostage to Cappadocian monks for the last five years. Adele has taken the world by storm with four number-one singles, three multi-platinum albums, and sold-out shows wherever she goes. She …

SpencerCan I Sing Like Adele?

The New Four-Letter Word: Voice Training

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by Spencer Welch I’ll admit it. I’m a thief. I stole this blog topic from a conversation with fellow IVA master teacher Guy Babusek. I’m sure he’ll be by later to collect the royalties. The gist of the exchange: “Many celebrity singers today try to hide that they take singing lessons. It’s ALL natural ability, don’t you know? In contrast, …

SpencerThe New Four-Letter Word: Voice Training

The Gifts of Singing

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by Rebecca Lam Singing is a gift. The ability to make sound dance and tell a story from a teeny, tiny place in the body…what a wonder, truly! Beyond making beautiful music, there are less obvious gifts in a singing practice that can be applied to benefit life in general. Here, we explore a few of them. 1. Breath Singing requires …

SpencerThe Gifts of Singing
Surfer on Amazing Wave at sunset time, Bali island.

Surfing and Singing: The Balancing Act

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by Spencer Welch I took my first surfing lesson last month. I must have swallowed half of the Pacific Ocean attempting to pull off one successful “pop-up”–to get up and stay standing with only inches of resin between me and the unpredictable sea. This looks easier than it is. Ultimately, success in surfing quite literally rises and falls on your ability to …

SpencerSurfing and Singing: The Balancing Act
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How Should I Warm Up My Voice?

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by Spencer Welch You’ve been dreaming of getting back into shape. After years without an exercise routine, you finally made a resolution: you are going to run every morning. You wake up early, throw on that Adidas track suit (now you look serious!), gulp back your supplements, and head outside. The sidewalk stretches out before you, and you tackle it …

SpencerHow Should I Warm Up My Voice?

3 Essential Health Principles for Singers

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by Rebecca Lam   Singers, we all have our rules, tools, and rituals. You may use a throat spray religiously or an all natural lozenge. Maybe you avoid dairy at all costs; or the real sin is coffee! The reality is a healthy voice regimen can be a simple one. In fact, it can be so simple that when we …

Spencer3 Essential Health Principles for Singers

What do I do about my Break?

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From fellow IVA Master Teacher Guy Babusek, Regardless of how much experience you have as a singer, chances are that you have at some point experienced a break in your voice when attempting to sing up a scale. You may have noticed that in this area of your voice, you either start to strain, or that you need to …

SpencerWhat do I do about my Break?