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SWVS has a deep association with the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), an organization that offers both exceptional vocal instruction for singers and a certification program for professional singing instructors worldwide.

As the Director of Education for IVA, Spencer Welch designs the curriculum that all certified IVA teachers must study and be tested on every year. He also travels as one of six Master Teachers, presenting public master classes, lectures, and teacher trainings around the world.

All IVA teachers must complete set educational requirements and undergo rigorous testing every year in order to maintain their certification. Both SWVS associates Rebecca Lam and Koichi Nakamura are Certified IVA Instructors, Rebecca an Advanced Instructor and Koichi an Instructor I, representing over 9 and 4 years of training respectively.

IVA seeks to:

Train singers and teachers of singing about how to use their voices to their full potential in the healthiest and most efficient way.

Educate and produce the finest voice instructors in the world by developing, promoting, and maintaining the highest standards for the teaching of singing.

Raise public awareness of and knowledge about balanced singing

The IVA Method

SWVS instructors exclusively use the IVA method for teaching vocal technique. This method is based on 17th and 18th Century principles of singing combined with the latest scientific research and cutting-edge techniques. Whether performing gospel or opera, rock or jazz, students of this method can enjoy these benefits in their singing:

  • free and natural manner
  • smooth range with no breaks or sudden changes in quality
  • access to all dynamics
  • tonal clarity and flexibility where all words are easily pronounced and understood

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